My open-source principles

Code is both beautiful and practical. I want to show the beauty of small, fast, reliable, and understandable code.


  • The best or ... If my repo isn't the best alternative I will write the better one at the top of the README
  • Reliable:
    • TypeScript with all strict options enabled, including noUncheckedIndexedAccess
    • ESLint super strict rules. Using eslint-config-strictest.
    • Test for every bug.
    • 100% test coverage. No instanbul ignore.
  • Used in production. Every repo I open-source is used in my own products:
    • Nota — pro notes app designed for local Markdown files
    • Historie — a super-fast way to search your browser history
  • Fast responses. Response in 24 hours (holidays and personal issues are an exception)
    • No stale bot
  • No bloat. I am inspired by @sindresorhus and I aim to create small and focused modules
  • Learn from the code. Comments in the source-code answering the "Why?" questions in your head
  • Trying to help you choose. README has "Alternatives" section listing similar repos

My repos

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